Looking To Have Your Car Ceramic Coated?

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

The simplest way to think of Ceramic Coatings is as a second layer of skin on top of your paint that acts as a sacrificial layer to protect the finish of your car's exterior.

There are varying degrees of hardness and longevity to Ceramic Coatings from manufacture to manufacture, and we have found from extensive testing and personal experience that overall Dallas Paint Corrections Titanium Series of Coatings meet and exceed everything we are looking for in a Ceramic Coating.

If you care about protecting your vehicle and making maintenance of it easier definitely consider having it Ceramic Coated.

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

The benefits of a Ceramic Coating are twofold. They enhance the look of your vehicle and give you unparalleled protection.

Coatings help protect your paint against UV Damage, Love Bug Etching, Chemical Staining etc. as well as making cleaning your vehicle much easier. That means spending less time maintaining, and more time enjoying.

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