Paint Repairs

Cars get damaged, but they don't have to stay that way! Permanently remove unsightly blemishes from your vehicle with our unique MOBILE Paint Repair service.

Key Points
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Key points

Bumper Repair Before & After
Before and after picture of repaired bumper

With paint repairs, a price can only be determined after a visual examination. Thankfully, more often than not a few well taken pictures of the damaged areas is enough for our experts to be able to provide you with an accurate price range.

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3 important variables we take into account when providing you with an Estimate

1. color

In the Automotive Restoration industry it's well known that some paint colors require more time and effort to make them look right. Because of that, the color of the car being worked on has to be taken into consideration when determining how much the repair will cost.

2. Type of damage

No two cases of damage are the same. With that being said, the type and extent of the damage greatly contribute to how much time and materials are involved in the process of removing any sign of damage.

3. cost of paint

High quality automotive paints aren't cheap, but the results they provide are worth it. Prices of different paints vary from one job to the next and is a factor that helps determines the cost of the repair.

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